Diabetes among Hispanics is not equal.

    At 17 percent, the risk of type 2 diabetes is higher among Hispanics than the overall population. It's around 10 percent for non-Hispanic whites.

    But the diabetes rate is even higher among some groups of Hispanics from different regions.

     A U.M. Miller school of medicine study found the highest rate was more than 18 percent for Mexicans followed by Puerto Ricans and Central Americans. Cubans fell in the middle at 13 percent, and the rate was 10 percent for South Americans.

     Diabetes rates for Hispanics were highest among those with low education or household income, and increased dramatically with age.

    It reaches 50 percent for women by age 70 and 44 percent for men. 

   The study found low rates of awareness of the disease at 41 percent.

    Control of blood sugar was also low at 52 percent.

    Those over 65 and older and on Medicare were more likely to have better control over their blood sugar.

    The study found nearly half of Hispanics in the study had no Health insurance.

     The Universty of Miami study tracked 16 thousand people of Hispanic descent in Miami, New York, Chicago and San Diego.


Phto credit:ELMER MARTINEZ / 2011 AFP