UPDATE 7/9 4:05pm

MIAMI (AP) _ Health officials say a 50-year-old Miami-Dade County woman is the state's first case of locally acquired dengue fever so far this year.

The Florida Department of Health's administrator in Miami-Dade County said Wednesday that the woman has fully recovered.

The dengue fever virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. Its symptoms include high fevers and severe muscle and joint pain. There's no specific medication or vaccine.

Dengue fever is widespread in other parts of the world, but local officials hope to contain it whenever it appears in the U.S. According to state health officials, 24 cases of dengue fever have been confirmed in Florida this year in patients who recently traveled to South America and the Caribbean.

Last year, 23 cases of locally acquired dengue were confirmed in Florida.


Dengue fever in Miami-Dade.

The Florida Department of Health confirms the first case for 2014 in the county.

The person who contracted the disease has since recovered , but officials are warning residents to keep away from standing water and to apply insect repellant if you plan on spending time outdoors.

(Photo: FEMA / 2002 Getty Images)