Here are ten of the best Easter movies that are perfect for kids from Yahoo. In fact, these films are safe for the entire family to enjoy together. These movies are varied, from live action to animated, from serious to comedic.


1) "The First Easter Rabbit" is a 1976 animated film which was narrated by Burl Ives. It tells the story of how magic is created from the much loved stuffed rabbit of a little girl. Although the beginning may be a bit hard on younger kids (a little girl is forced to throw out her toys by her mom, including the stuffed rabbit), the movie continues on a happy note, and the discarded bunny goes on to become the first Easter rabbit, and she hasn't seen him for the last time.

2) "The Easter Storykeepers" is a more recent Easter tale from 1997. Featuring voice work from the irrepressible Tim Curry, it's a movie featuring a great storyteller of Easter. Ben the Baker, a humble and sweet baker, tells the story of Christ's resurrection.

3) "Small One" is a classic animated film. It's about a little boy's unconditional, selfless love and the donkey who is loved as well. The donkey ends up being used by Joseph and Mary, and it's message is a beautiful one at Easter. Although it's not about the Resurrection, it's a great one for bringing up conversations on the meaning of Easter. Its spiritual message is also perfect for keeping Easter not about the materialistic things.

4) "Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol" is a great film from the classic Christian "Veggie Tales" series. In a twist from the infamous "Christmas Carol," Uncle Ebenezzer Nezzer learns the error of his ways after an angel visit.

5) "A Walton Easter" is a great movie for kids who have watched the reruns of the original 1970s family drama, "The Waltons." It's a reunion movie, featuring much of the original cast members. It's set decades after the Great Depression, in which the series was set. The movie is safe for all ages, but it will be mostly enjoyed by those who know the characters.

6) "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" is one of the more light-hearted Easter holiday tales. The familiar characters are up to their usual antics, and the Easter theme is well-represented in the adventures and observations of the lovable ensemble.

7) "Easter Parade" is an old-time musical featuring the acting, singing and dancing of Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, two of he most memorable entertainers of all time. Although some of the story may not be that interesting to some kids (dancer's careers), they'll delight in the performance of the well-known song "Easter Parade."

8) "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" is an Easter movie from 1971. The hero of the well-known song that has him "hopping down his bunny trail," this movie chronicles how Peter Cottontail became the Easter Bunny.

9) "The Great Easter Egg Hunt" will capture the imaginations of children as they follow the characters who are seeking a certain egg. A book version is also a great compliment to the movie, where you can relive the adventures at bedtime throughout the Easter season.

10) "The First Easter" is a wonderful film for teaching children about that very first Easter, and it's told through the eyes of a child. It's a safe and special re-telling of the resurrection.


(Photo:  AFP / 2013 AFP )