Hamas is warning Israel... it "will pay dearly" for its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. 

But Israel's military claims troops are just destroying Hamas' weapons arsenal, rocket firing abilities and tunnels into Israel.

With the tensions reaching a boiling point in the Middle East, a U.S. Senator from South Florida wants the President to stand up for our strong ally Israel.

Senator Marco Rubio's message is clear.... Israel is fighting for its survival:

“[W]hat they need from this country is a president and a U.S. government that aligns itself squarely on their side. No double-talk, no fancy diplomatic language that you can read between the lines on. A very clear statement. In this conflict, we are on Israel’s side, and we will support them with anything they need to ensure their stability and their survival.”

The Florida Republican believes this administration has traditionally taken the wrong attitude with Israel.

Rubio fully blames Hamas for the deaths of innocent Palestinians... since it deliberately puts military installations by schools and hospital knowing Israel will try to destroy them.

Now with the ground offense beginning, the death toll is already beginning to climb.

Gaza health officials say eight Palestinians, including a three-month-old boy, have been killed.

While Hamas is clearly a problem, Rubio feels Israel's biggest threat is a nuclear Iran, and the U.S. needs to side with Israel in its fight against both.

(Photo credit: THOMAS COEX)