The race for the Florida governor's mansion is in full swing.


Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist are in campaign mode.


But, a third candidate, Libertarian Adrian Wyllie could be putting a crimp in Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist's plans.


A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Wyllie with as much as 9 percent of the vote.


And, political experts say that could be enough to throw things off, especially since both Scott and Crist suffer from unfavorable ratings among voters.


Barry University political science professor Dr. Sean Foreman says the Quinnipiac poll shows the votes that would go to Wyllie would be from voters who would otherwise have supported Crist.


Another more recent poll shows Scott and Crist neck and neck in the race.


But, it also says 26 percent of voters are still undecided.


Wyllie will be participating in upcoming debates with Scott and Crist.


He has been running a grassroots-style campaign, most recently staging a tour of craft breweries around the state.


Meanwhile, Scott has begun a bus tour of the state.


Crist is expected to campaign with former president Bill Clinton Friday in South Florida.