The man convicted of murdering a Nova Southeastern University professor was back in court Monday.


The judge in the case of Randy W. Tundidor, convicted of killing Joseph Morrissey, must decide whether or not follow the jury's unanimous death sentence recommendation.


Evidence at the 2012 trial revealed Tundidor stabbed Morrissey to death and wanted to kill his wife and son, but that his son, Randy H. Tundidor, was against that.


The two decided to set the house on fire, instead.


The victim's wife, Linda "Kay" Morrissey testified at the hearing, saying she and her son were also terrorized by the killer.


She said in court that the two ran out of the house like cowards after setting the place on fire, leaving her and her son to die.


The hearing on the sentencing decision could last as long as two days.


Legal delays have prevented Tundidor's sentencing, however experts say it would be unusual for the judge to go against a unanimous decision in a death penalty case.


(Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office)