Miami-Dade is on board with a new resolution looking to protect Venezuelans in the U-S from returning to their country.

With anti-government protests and clashes ongoing, commissioners unanimously approving the measure calling on President Obama to suspend deportations of undocumented Venezuelans with no criminal history. 

Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz sponsored the measure saying they need to protect these people seeking asylum in their own backyard.

"If they do go back, they (the government) might kill them," says Diaz, "(they) might get put in jail for no reason, in other words, there's no human rights in Venezuela right now."

The resolution asks Homeland Security to grant Temporary Protected Status until the clashes come to an end.

Diaz describes the ongoing violence in Venezuela, saying there is "raping, killing, doing things on behalf of the government, and they're stealing properties away from people, they're stealing businesses away from people, they're kidnapping people."

More than 40 people have died since protests began several months ago.