Hurricane season is right around the corner.

And, so, Miami-Dade's Office of Emergency Management (EOC) is hosting its annual Whole Community Planning Workshop April 10th and 11th at their center in Doral.

EOC Director Curt Sommerhoff says about 150 partners are participating in the two-day event.

The "whole community" approach to emergency response involves bringing in every sector of the community to be involved with planning, training and exercises.

The sessions cover a whole range of emergency management-related issues and topics.

Among the attendees are faith-based and community-based organizations as well as private sector businesses and organizations, colleges, universities, hospitals, agencies representing people with disabilities; in addition, police, fire, and public works agencies from the areas municipalities, as always, are represented.

Sommerhoff says that other disasters have taught officials that it takes more than government to get a community back up and running, and so the approach has taken a central role for the county's EOC.

Hurricane season starts June 1st, and officials are already encouraging area residents to start getting prepared and getting together an emergency kit with all the essentials.




(Photo: NASA / 2005 NASA)