Miami-Dade cops could soon have cameras on them at all times if the Mayor has his way.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez' budget is now calling for the purchase of 500 mini-cameras to outfit the county's police force.

The Mayor wants the cameras in the wake of the Ferguson shooting -- saying it will help against complaints of excessive force.

Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera says the county has already wasted tax dollars on technology.

"He's (Gimenez) a little bit ill advised to do that when we have police radios that they spent $60 Million on and they don't work," adds Rivera, "We have police cars that are catching fire."

Rivera also says the money should be used to save jobs.

The current budget still includes about 110 police layoffs on the line.

The City of Miami and Bal Harbour PD have already trained with body cams.

(Photo: AFP / Getty)