Miami-Dade Schools could soon require less information from students to enroll if one school board member has her way.

Raquel Regalado is introducing a new measure during Wednesday night's meeting that looks to create a comprehensive identity protection plan.

Regalado says it looks to begin looking into safeguarding the I.D.'s of students, which could include not requiring as much documentation like their social security numbers.

"Identity theft is a huge issue in Florida," adds Regalado, "It's a state where an identity is stolen more than any other state. In Miami-Dade county that is three times as prevalent."

She says about 500-thousand kids in Florida under the age of 5 fell victims to identity theft last year.

One other way to ID students she believes is by using a state requested I.D. system so students don't have their personal information abused.

"The Florida Student number is accepted by the federal government as being sufficient," says Regalado, "We would still need their address and date of birth but that information is not as sensitive as your social security number."

Regalado hopes to have a plan in place before the next school year.

(Photo: Matt Cardy / 2010 Getty Images)