Broward's records and taxes people want to help you save 25 bucks on license tag renewal fees for September.

 The fees go down September first - but the county offices are closed for Labor day.

 That means you'd be driving around with an expired sticker on your tag, risking a ticket.

  Broward records, taxes and treasury spokesman Chris Stotz says go to Florida's tag renewal site on Monday the first, and renew your tags the way you do every year.

  Then, make sure you print the receipt and keep it with you in your car.

   That will serve as proof you've renewed your stickers on time if you're pulled over.

   Stotz says most police departments are aware of the change and know many people will wait a day to save the 25 dollars.

    He says they'll be scrambling at his office on September 2nd when they open again to get everyone's stickers in the mail.

Click here for the Florida tag renewal site...