The wife of a Nova Southeastern University professor murdered inside his own home back in 2010 is expected in a Broward County court today to testify once again against Randy Tundidor Sr.

The judge is preparing to sentence the 47-year-old for his first degree murder, attempted murder, armed burglary and arson convictions.

The jury has recommended Tunditor receive the death penalty.

Tunditor's son, Randy Tunditor Jr., says his dad plotted the whole thing to get revenge on his landlord Prof. Joseph Morrissey.

He's currently serving 40-years for helping his dad break into the home, terrorize Morrissey, his wife and young son and then stab Morrissey before setting the Plantation house on fire.

The Florida Supreme Court has twice refused to overturn the convictions on technicalities.

Tundidor continues to say he's innocent.