UPDATE 7/7 6:15pm

A federal judge denies Donald Sterling's request to have the legal fight over his wife's plan to sell the Los Angeles Clippers moved to federal court.

The case will remain in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

The probate hearing that was set to begin today will likely begin soon, though an exact time or date hasn't been announced.


The family feud surrounding the sale of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers heads to court.

The trial in L.A. probate court was delayed Monday, since Donald Sterling wants the issue heard in federal court.

Hanging in the balance -- the potentially record-breaking two-billion dollar sale of the Los Angeles Clippers hangs in the balance.

A judge is supposed to hear testimony to determine whether Shelly Sterling had the right to sell the team without her estranged husband's approval.

Attorneys for Donald Sterling say he was improperly removed as co-trustee of the family trust.

That happened after doctors determined the 80-year-old was mentally incompetent, opening the door for Shelly Sterling to act on her own.

Testimony is expected to focus on whether the two mental exams were conducted with Donald Sterling's knowledge of what they would be used for.

Donald Sterling’s lawyers contend the release of his medical records, which were included in Shelly Sterling’s petition to have a probate judge approve the Clippers sale, violated federal law.

Shelly Sterling's attorneys maintain she acted within the rules of the trust.