UPDATE: 8/5  5:00am

A Weston Marine who's been locked in a Mexican prison since April 1st for bringing guns into the country won't likely be freed any time soon.

In fact, the attorney for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi expects evidentiary hearings to continue for months before closing arguments and eventually a judge's ruling.

Despite that reality, Fernando Benitez claims Tahmooressi is upbeat.

While "On the Record" with Fox News' Gretta Van Sustren, he says two customs agents testified yesterday and helped their case by admitting they used a pre-signed, blank search order and filled in Tahmoressi's name.

Benitez adds he has additional evidence proving the sergeant's civil rights were violated.

Another plus, according to Benitez, Mexican prosecutors aren't attacking their case and are only going through the motions.



A second evidence hearing is expected to take place in Mexico for a jailed Marine sergeant from South Florida.

Andrew Tahmooressi will be in court Monday, as he faces charges of entering Mexico with guns illegal in that country.

His mother, Jill Tahmooressi, says she's looking forward to the testimony from Mexican border officials who appear to have understood Sergeant Tahmooressi's claims that he accidentally crossed the border after making a wrong turn.

Evidence showing poor signage at the border crossing as well as the Marine's 911 calls after he entered Mexico are also expected to be entered into evidence.

Tahmooressi has been behind bars since April 1st.









(Photo:  Jill Tahmooressi)