The clock may be ticking for jailed American contractor Alan Gross.

His wife, Judy, is in Cuba visiting Alan and tells CBS 4 his physical health is worse than ever, and that she's worried he may do something drastic like commit suicide.

“I think that’s a possibility. I hate to think that way but after five years you become more realistic about things,” said Gross

Judy Gross says her husband has lost more than 100 pounds and is losing vision in his right eye since his arrest in 2009.

He was working on a U.S. Government contract to set up Internet networks for the Communist island's Jewish Community.

"I do believe him when he says he will not spend the next 10 years in jail,” said Gross.

Alan Gross' 91-year old mother died of cancer last week. He was trying to go on a hunger strike in April, but stopped at the request of his mother.

(Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS / 2013 AFP)