A Woman Leans Out of a Car Window to Throw Up . . . and Dies



Her head hit something outside . . . and she DIED.Police believe her head hit a high-tension support wire and then the side of the minivan.








A Woman Tries to Rescue a Cat Stuck in a Tree . . . And Firefighters Have to Rescue Her



The fire chief said, quote, "We recommend people just let animals come down by themselves."







A Guy Assaulted His Pregnant Girlfriend For Not Saying "Happy Father's Day"



Oh yeah, this guy is totally ready to be a father . . .







A Guy Survives a Beating Because He Was Wearing a Padded Scooby Doo Onesie



And it REALLY saved him . . . a woman started punching him in the head and the padding absorbed the blows.The woman was just fined for assault.