A Woman Lit Her Hair on Fire Trying to Lean in For a Selfie



Fortunately she puts it out quickly . . . but she does wind up with a chunk of burnt hair in her hand.  





A Woman Is Suing a Hand Warmer Company . . . Because Their Hand Warmers Burned Holes Through Her Breasts?


She cracked the warmers open and put them in her bra.





A Guy Got His Arm Stuck in a Toilet For Six Hours Trying to Get His Cell Phone


He DID get his phone back at the end of this . . . but after all that, it was RUINED. 


(Daily Mail) 




A Teacher Sleeping with a Student Got Jealous, Because He Took a Girl to the Prom . . . So She Rebounded with Another Student


She's facing up to eight years in prison. 


(7Online.com / NY Daily News / Newsday)



A Kidnapper Is Caught When He Tries to Have His Pit Bull Bite His Victim . . . and It Bites Him Instead


Before he went to jail, he was taken to the hospital . . . for the nasty dog bite on his arm. 


(Las Cruces Sun-News) 



A Drunk Girl Passes Out on the Railroad Tracks . . . and Somehow Isn't Hurt When a Train Goes Over Her


While she slept, a train came down the tracks and went right over her.  Miraculously, she didn't wind up with a single scratch.