Every Member of Congress Gets a Copy of "Hustler" Delivered Every Month




LARRY FLYNT decided to give every member of Congress a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to "Hustler" magazine back in 1983.And now, 31 years later, he's STILL sending a copy of "Hustler" to all 535 of them . . . every month.It comes in a plain manila envelope, so that some staff member winds up opening it.











Science Just Found the First Species Where the Females Have Penises and Males Have Vaginas




The team who discovered how they reproduce says it's the first case in nature where gender sex roles are reversed . . . and they say it opens up a whole new world of research into evolutionary biology.











A Woman Jumped Out of a Moving Car To Get Away from a Lizard?




We don't know how fast they were going at the time, but she ended up in the hospital.And police had to shut down two lanes of traffic because of it.




There's no word on how bad her injuries were.(Sun Sentinel)








A Man Found Out His Stolen Car Was Sold to an Older Guy on Hard Times . . . and Let Him Keep It




Meanwhile, the idiot who stole it is a guy named Donald Grisby.And cops were able to find him because he used his REAL NAME and social security number when he signed the bill of sale.(14News.com)