Sure I signed up for it, but the phrase, "I never signed up for this!" Should apply here. I try and stay healthy, I ride bikes when I can, hit the gym on the off days with a trainer (Yeah, diet is 90% of it, sure), but it seems that it's been raining non stop every day and the temperature is surface of the sun hot, so I have been spending more quality couch time, then bike time. So, when my buddy who owns Lighthouse Point gym said, "hey, why don't you take a spin class on Saturday morning?" That's when I should have said, "Why don't you bite me?"


A couple of quick observations:


A) If you are taking a spin class on a Saturday morning, don't drink a gallon of vodka the night before. The room smelled like Bourbon street on New Years day.


B) Also, don't eat at an "all you can eat sushi" joint the night before (unless the spin class has bathroom breaks)


C) The spin instructor hates you.


D) Don't take a spin class if you are not a 22 yr old hottie with a tiny ass.



It's brutal, but I'll be back next week.