Ok, the Lebron thing. I love the media folks, "now lets stay classy Miami. Lets not act like jerks. Lets thank Lebron for the time here was here and let him go". Ok fine, does that mean we can't be annoyed, pissed, sad, aggravated, perplexed, etc etc etc?


Why the whole "show" making everybody wait? He knew he was going back, probably knew it months ago. Why have your boy D Wade opt out of a guaranteed 42 million bucks, only to leave him standing there with no chance of getting those kind of bucks, knowing full well you were leaving? 


"Home is where the heart is?" This is my favorite. How many of us grew up someplace and ended up in South Florida? A better place, a way better place to live. You think I am moving back to Central Islip, Long Island? Hell, no! 


Traitor? No. Great guy, family man, good Dad, husband? Absolutely. Misguided by his wife, and whomever in wanting to go back home to raise the kids? ABSOFRIGGINGLUTELY.


Thousands of us have raised our families in South Florida and virtually NONE of us had the where with all to do it with the resources that Lebron has. Private schools, nanny's, gated communities, security, private planes etc. etc. etc. 


Are you really looking out for the kids? Let me tell you something: growing up in FLA with perfect weather year round (Ok, it's hot and rainy in the summer, so travel dude) is awesome for kids. While kids up north are sitting inside playing video games and going to the mall, we were surfing, fishing, playing hoops, football, running, whatever. 


One more thing: You said you were here for 3,4,5, 6...championships. We only got two. Thanks for those, we had a blast and a nice run, but don't expect us to not at least be slightly pissed. 


My buddy and his wife bought season tickets last year. Is it ok if they're pissed? 



All that being said, Cleveland is going nuts and we are going on with our lives. Fishing, surfing, and GOING TO DOLPHIN GAMES!!!!!!!! THIS IS A FOOTBALL TOWN, BIATCH!



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