Guest Blog by Dave LaMont


The World Cup is on us and I will be paying attention as I do every four years. I’m a Striker Liker from the 1970’s (remember the PA announcer? I was the guy standing next to him) so I don’t curl into an angry fetal position that some of you do whenever the game is mentioned.


I have two requests of the soccer fans and non fans to make this month much more pleasurable for everyone:


A. A note for the non fan: Please don’t continually remind me you find the game boring, please don’t continually remind me it’s only popular outside ‘Murica. It’s actually very popular in this country too, at the youth level anyway and Major League Soccer wants Miami to join in…I have some advice for David Beckham shortly by the way.

Naturally you have every right to dislike the sport, but limit your social media blathering on it, s’il vous plait?  Let other people who do care enjoy the game, even if they’re like me and only really pay attention casually. I doubt you go into a restaurant you don’t like and scream at the top of your lungs how much you hate the food. Sit back and let it all happen. I’m sure there’s some sport on somewhere that will keep you occupied.



B. A note for the hardcore fan: Please do not spend your month complaining about people who “just don’t get it”. There are some soccer fans, excuse me, football fans, who take their game too seriously and get genuinely offended if you aren’t a fan as they are. No one needs your preening and condescending attitude. Spare us and instead focus on the game you say you love. Don’t get offended if you’re watching the game with people who don’t know the right back midfielder for Chile is also a midfielder in the Scottish League. We get it. you love the game. That should be enough for both of us.