I heard that old song “You ought to know” on the radio the other day and the station edited out the part about “going down on you in the theater” for Christ sakes! Now I’m no fan of public displays of affection (or Alanis Morisette for that matter) but I hate censorship a lot more.


I know some people find Steve Miller’s “funky shit goin’ down in the city” lyric offensive along with the Who’s “who the fuck are you?” and that Dire Strait’s song about MTV that has a gay slur, but come on man, play it the way it was made or don’t play it at all. It’s that simple. This goes for those A-holes in the TV industry that change Samuel L. Jackson’s curse words in movies and blur out actor’s private parts. I want to see and hear it the way it was meant goddamn it…sorry I mean goddarn it.


I think we can all learn something from the world of rap and hip-hop music and chillax. Try and censor their songs and all you’ll get is one long beeeep.




Photo: Getty Images