When I first heard Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck were going on tour together I thought “that sounds weird” and guess what? It was. My son, who’s a big Jeff Beck fan, and I went to the show not really knowing what to expect but it turned out like you might imagine. There was an aging Brian Wilson with some of the Beach Boys doing all their good time oldies and even though I’ve never been a big fan, their harmonies were amazing. Then out comes a goth-looking Jeff Beck, the smell of refer starts wafting in the air and he and his band blow away the very same crowd that was just be-bopping to “Help Me Rhonda”.

But it gets even stranger. After Jeff Beck takes his turn Brian and the boys join him for more classics like “Surfing USA” where Beck does a guitar solo. The show ends with a somber encore of the old Irish drinking song “Danny Boy”. Weird…but fun.

By the way my 15 year old stood by Jeff Beck on purpose in this photo so he could crop his old man and the other guys out, leaving just him and one of his hero’s. My partner Paul did the same thing a few years ago when Johnny Depp visited our studio.

Click Here to see the original photo with me, Brian Wilson and the rest of the guys.