They say when there’s friction between two people, a smile is a good lubricant. There were no smiles, however, when Lisa Lampanelli recently appeared on the Paul and Young Ron show. Perhaps you heard it…a verbal trashing of historic proportions after a rather mundane (and I think fair) question about the queen of the roasters not being on the James Franco roast. She really went off on me suggesting I should be replaced on the show due to my many toxic diseases and added she hopes I die from an incurable rectal condition! Wow, when did comedy become so mean?

Now I realize Lisa is an insult comic and I love her, as I love all of God’s glorious creations, but her tirade just wasn't funny. Personally I never make negative comments or call people bad names and I’m not going to start with that bitch Lampanelli. I’ve even forgiven my a-hole partner Paul Castronovo for replaying the interview several dozen times.

Speaking of comedy bullies I hear old Aries Spears is back in town. For those who don’t remember Spears threatened to kick Paul’s ass for calling him out when he refused to be funny on our show. He may have even killed Paul had I not stepped in to protect him. I haven’t seen my co-host that frightened since a lesbian beat the crap out of him at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert.

In my opinion funny is good, just do it with humor and comedy not threats and anal remarks. In fact if Aries Spears were here right now I’d kick him right in the balls…that goes for Lisa Lampanelli too.