Paul Castronovo's $15,000 Christmas Cash Extravaganza

Twin Peaks

Photo: Trujillo, Jessie (uploader)

December 2nd Castronovo is handing out more cash than one man should pack into a pair of skinny jeans.

Click here to register for your chance to join us live at Twin Peaks in Davie for the Paul Castronovo's $15,000 Christmas Cash Extravaganza!

By the name, you can figure out we are handing out $15,000 that morning. 

Have some breakfast, or maybe a breakfast cocktail and please laugh at all of Paul's dad jokes. 

ThePaul Castronovo's $15,000 Christmas Cash Extravaganza, Friday, December 2nd at Twin Peak in Davie. Twin Peaks, for the man who never settle.

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