House of Horror Haunted Carnival

Miami International Mall

Prepare to be petrified as South Florida’s biggest haunted experience, the House of Horror Haunted Carnival, returns for its 21st frightful installment. The Master of the Carnival, Mr. Lockhart, has awakened his cursed spirits from the dead – dripping with blood, brimming with malice, and hungry to feast on terrorized souls – all while Miami International Mall undergoes a haunting transformation into a cryptic labyrinth of inescapable dread, spanning from September 28 to October 31. Exercise caution, for once you enter the gates of doom, there is no exit out of this twisted spectacle, unless you successfully navigate an unsettling journey through time and terror.

This entails conquering the carnival’s four brand-new haunted attractions, each meticulously designed to instill fear, fun, and excitement for all ages. Dare to step into history's darkest corners as you navigate the haunting halls of the Mayhem Museum, where lost souls find their eternal resting place. Experience a spine-chilling Deja Vu at Haunted HoliDAZE, where celebrations of the past entangle visitors on repeat. Venture into the abyss with Theater of Terror tickets; it’s not your average movie theater, but one where you’ll be tasked with escaping the sinister secrets of past cinematic treasures. Making a triumphant return, Scare X Studios presents a new character, Dolly, ready to lead guests into an immersive and Instagram-worthy trip down memory lane but beware -- Dolly is far from trustworthy.

If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, the House of Horror midway is an absolute must-visit with over twenty exhilarating rides, including the Scarecoaster, South Florida's only Halloween-themed rollercoaster. Enjoy carnival games, indulge in delectable treats, and savor a tempting variety of food and beverages, all while building anticipation for the adventures that await.

Elevate your House of Horror experience with the Only In Dade Experience – an offering like no other, with behind-the-scenes access to the haunted attractions, entry to an air-conditioned lounge, photo opportunities, unexpected scares, music, beverages, and meet and greets with the signature Only In Dade cast.

Throughout October, House of Horror will present a series that promises to captivate your senses, beginning with a grand Opening Night spectacle on September 28. Brace yourself for a chilling experience as the gates of doom will creak open, revealing the Master of the Carnival, Mr. Lockhart, accompanied by an entourage of spooky characters. Among them, you’ll encounter a ceremony of stilt walkers, dancers, the band of the dead, and other dreadful surprises.

A calendar of special events will be available and periodically updated at

Tickets, ranging from $25 to $35, offer varying levels of access depending on the night and can be purchased at Stay tuned for special ticket offers and updates by following House of Horror Haunted Carnival on Instagram and Facebook.