Tom Brady Gets Emotional Talking About His Dad

Patriots QB Tom Brady got emotional multiple times during Monday’s Super Bowl Opening Night. What got him so choked up? He was asked who his hero is.

"That’s a great question. Well, I think my Dad is my hero because he’s someone I look up to every Dad."


Later, he was asked about his Dad's recent comments on NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell:

"I’d say my dad represents his feelings. He’s a dad, and I’m a dad, and,, yeah."


Earlier on Monday during a radio interview, Brady talked about his father more in-depth after joking that he banned him from talking to the media:

"I love my dad, as any parent knows how much you love your kids. My dad has been my best friend my entire life. He’s always been my No. 1 supporter. And hopefully he’s at the game cheering me on. He’s great man and I love him to death. He’s taught me everything about life. Certainly about how to be a father because he’s been the best one a son could ever ask for."


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