Pink Pineapples Are A Thing Now

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Step aside cotton candy pineapples are the hot new fruit trend!

In development since 2005, the fruit was finally given the Food and Drug Administration's seal of approval late last year, NBC News reports. Del Monte and Dole are now growing the the Rose Gold pineapples, which are described as "extra sweet pink flesh pineapple." 

Back in December nobody really knew what the pink pineapples would look like but now, they're popping up all over social media: 

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I had no idea there was such a thing. What? Wha-whaaat?? I read up on pink pineapples and apparently Del Monte received FDA approval to genetically engineer pineapples in Costa Rica last year to make them pink. This was growing in the yard of an unoccupied house in my neighborhood in Indonesia. Just growing right in the curbside. You guys ever seen these? Am I just waaay out of touch? #pinkpineapples

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🍍💕 #PinkPineapples are real! The unicorn of the vegetation world. . . . (Tho they're probably not good for you)

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