Don't Believe The Hype - Moscow Mules Wont Kill You!

Moscow Mules are so much more than a fantastic drink; they come in a really cool copper mug and they'll also kill you. 

Well, not anymore! 

Last week all the talk was that the copper mug we enjoy the drink in is filled with poison from the chemical in the copper, according to The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division.

 Turns out...FAKE NEWS! 

An assistant professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMass Amherst, spoke with HuffPost and is trying to be clear the air:  “I find the press release to be chemophobic fear-mongering.” 

According to the professor: “Any time you have any liquid in contact with a surface, there’s a possibility that the container is going to be dissolved a little bit into the liquid...With glass, the rate of dissolution is so slow that you’ll never see it in our lifetime.” 

So enjoy those Moscow Mules and rest assured that that cool copper mug wont bring about your early demise!

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