Why Are Hackers Trying To Ruin Curb Your Enthusiasm For Us?

HBO is having a serious hacker problem! 

Last week the big story was that hackers broke into HBO's systems and leaked out episodes of Insecure, Ballers, Barry, and The Deuce, plus reportedly some draft scripts for Game of Thrones episodes. They were demanding money in order to stop, HBO tried to pay $250K and the hackers laughed in their faces and kept on about their business. 

This week's business: leaking out several episodes of the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm 2 months before it's set to air. For their part HBO isn't having it, and have put out a statement saying they wont let a bunch of bully hackers strong arm them into getting a payday. 

If you want to see the leaked episodes, good luck tracking them down in the bowels of the internet; but if you want to wait patiently like an adult until the new season officially premieres in October, enjoy the teaser trailer! 

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