Will Livestreaming Necklaces Make Our Phones Just...Phones?

Technology hasn't stopped with our phones and watches; we're moving on to jewelry!

A company called Ubiquiti has released a new item called FrontRow, a necklace that can livestream - it's like a body cam that cops wear but this is way cuter and much more fun. 

It's meant to be worn to record everyday stuff and activities - imagine wearing this thing surfing or skiing?? 

The look is sleek and the quality is supposed to be amazing - it connects with iOS and Android devices via an app, and comes with a main 8-megapixel camera with 140-degree wide-angle lens which gives you a view similar to a GoPro. Yay technology!

The company is saying the necklace can record up to 2 hours of continuous livestreaming, up to 16 hours when capturing time-lapses, and up to 48 hours of standby time...not too bad!

The video below is just a taste of what could quite possibly be the future of livestreaming! Our phones may just be rendered phones soon enough. 

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