A Shoplifter Uses Her Bag, Bra And Pants To Swipe 18 Bottles Of Liquor

While she gets points for creativity, a woman failed at getting away with stealing nearly 20 bottles of liquor from a shop because of a little thing called surveillance cameras. 

The woman started with the classic form of theft; putting bottles in her giant purse but that's amateur stuff. She had to get clever. We also see her using her body and size to her advantage and stuffing several bottles down her pants and finally...her bra. 

She stuffed a bottle of liquor in her bra. An ample bosom can certainly come in handy when you're short of cash and really need a drink. 

Unfortunately, she was so thirsty she must have forgotten that liquor stores are generally surveilled and she was caught on camera which has since gone viral. 

Sekonie Jones turned herself in to Shreveport Police and said:

“Yes I’m aware I’m on the news … I hustle that’s what I do… Ain’t nobody gone give me s— … So please mind ur business and stay out mines.” 

No shame in a hustle...until you get caught. 

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