Man In Cooper City Stops His Own Robbery For Sex!

Some say that timing is everything in life...not this guy. 

A man in Cooper City, Florida thought the time was right for a little romp with his companion while he was in the middle of a trailer heist. 

He clearly didn't know it but there was surveillance footage of the man backing his truck into a parking lot at Twin Lakes Pool and BBQ in Cooper City which showed up getting out of his own pickup, taking a look around before having a quickie with his lady! 

He must have gotten confident after he finished because he then walked up to a trailer that was chained to a fence, unhooked the thing, attached it to his pickup an drove off! 

The trailer is estimated to be about $1,200. Had he not stopped for sex, we may not have gotten a good look at his face but he did and we did too! 

Have you seen this guy? The BSO wants to have a chat with him. 

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