Woman Dragged Off Plane Over Dogs!

A woman in Baltimore had an epic meltdown on a Southwest flight headed towards LA and the video is going viral! 

Anila Daulatzai flipped out on the flight asking that 2 dogs on the plane be removed. One of them was an emotional support animal and the other was simply a pet dog. She said that her allergy was life threatening and when the airline refused to get the dogs off the flight, Anila lost it.

Airport cops got involved, she began to yell and was forcibly removed from the plane as other passengers jumped in to defend her, chastise her, and of course, film the entire event. 

According to the rules of Southwest, the airline can ensure that a customer with severe allergies is seated far away from animals if notified of an allergy at the departure gate. 

The airline can't provide advance notification of animals traveling on any particular flight.

For good measure, Southwest put out a statement about the incident saying they were “disheartened by the way this situation unfolded” and are planning on reaching out to Anila. 

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