Doctor In Gainesville Loses It On Patient For Complaining Over Long Wait!

A horrifying interaction with a doctor and patient in Gainesville, Florida is quickly going viral after the doctor unloads on the patient for complaining over her long wait time. 

Jessica Stipe had been waiting at Gainesville After Hours clinic for an hour and 15 minutes when she decided to speak up; she says she was vomiting and needed medical attention ASAP. When she asked to speak to the doctor and suggested to him that patients be informed about the long waits at the clinic, the doctor LOST IT! He yelled at Jessica and told her to leave the clinic if she didn't want to wait.  

When Jessica's daughter informed him that she was recording the incident, the doctor grabbed the phone and allegedly pushed the girl to the ground! 

The Gainesville PD was called and the Stipe family has since gotten a lawyer. 

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