Crazy Man Attacks Cop At MIA!

A man attacked a Miami International Airport cop yesterday in Concourse D!

The man was filmed by concerned passengers as he was walking around the check in area, shouting threatening remarks about the airport, some of it completely incoherent and belligerent. 

He was confronted by an officer to calm down but the man just started throwing punches at the cop!

Caught on camera, the cop immediately springs into action and takes out may have been a baton to use on the man and if you listen for it, there may have also been a stun gun involved. 

Passengers were able to film the incident itself and the aftermath with the man bloody and lying facedown outside the Concourse on the sidewalk.

He was handcuffed and taken away in a Miami-Dade Fire Rescue ambulance outside the airport, hopefully for appropriate treatment.  

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