Dallas DA Gets Nasty With Uber Driver, Goes Viral, Loses Job.

Over the weekend, A (now former) Dallas County Assistant District Attorney, Jody Warner quickly went viral after she unloaded on an Uber driver during a drunken evening.  

Jody verbally attacked her driver, Shaun Platt, who remained calm during the entire encounter while waiting for the cops to arrive and diffuse the situation. 

Waking up the next morning, Jody realized the gross error of her ways but it was too late; the audio of that Friday night was released to the public and her name and position were available for all to see and hear. 

On Monday, Jody gave a public statement to the media, acknowledging she'd been fired, especially due to allegations from the Uber driver that she hit him, insulted him and also accused him of kidnapping her, all heard in the recording. 

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