Police Chief Caught Smoking Weed!

posted by Paul Castronovo Show - 

Lumberton, Mississippi Police Chief Shane Flynt has been suspended with pay after this video of him smoking pot was posted online. 

Flynt's response to this scandal? On Facebook, he states:

 "Please know that one video , one mistake , does not define the person I am., my moral or ethical values . I made a huge mistake , first of all , I trusted the wrong person , welcomed them in my personal home , they recorded me in a vulnerable state and they planned every minute of it . This person being my wife who is obviously very vindictive. I love serving the town of Lumberton , the people there are like family to me. It saddens my heart that I've disappointed many as well as myself .Just a thought .. Where would we all be if we all had hidden cameras in our home ? What would our neighbors , preachers , co workers , friends , etc. think of our conversations ? There is no excuse . I pray you all find it in your hearts to show me grace and know that I am truly sorry for this incident ."

What do you guys think of this? Is this just an honest mistake or should he be held accountable? 


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