Why Was A Pilot Kicked Out Of A Lyft?

 A pilot who ordered a Lyft to take him to LAX for a flight  was dropped off at a random parking lot instead of the actual airport when the driver realized how little money he would be making on the trip! 

The pilot was smart and recorded the incident; he was dressed in his full uniform, under a tight schedule and did take a moment to tell the driver about the bind he was in, even showing the driver his rank and wings...but it didn't matter; the driver was annoyed enough to ask the pilot to step out of the car!

He ended up calling for another Lyft who took him the rest of the way which got him to LAX 15 minutes late. The pilot did make contact with Lyft to let them know what happened and was hoping for an apology but unfortunately he received just a "standard" form letter from Lyft assuring him the matter would be taken very seriously and that he would never be paired up with that driver again...they didn't even fire him!



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