Ryan Reynolds Sings Dressed Like A Unicorn

Deadpool 2 is only a few days away, so the promotion for the film has been on a rampage. Celine Dion contributes to the marketing campaign train with a music video for "Ashes", which is featured on the film's soundtrack. The video features some snippets from the movie as well as Deadpool doing a Flashdance impersonation. 

Ryan Reynolds has followed suit with a surprise appearance on the Korean Show King of Mask Singer and belted out a pretty good cover of "Tomorrow" from the musical Annie.

King of Mask Singer is similar to The Voice format in which celebrities wear intricately designed masks to compete against each other. When Reynolds pulls off his mask and reveals his identity, the audience shows their undeniable excitement of his presence. 

Check out Deadpool's impressive pirouettes alongside the incredible Celine Dion.

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