Chris Pratt Lets His Son Swear While Fishing

Chriss Pratt was on The Graham Norton Show and told us a hilarious story about how he lets his 5 year old son swear while they are fishing.

“I had this rule with my old man and I have it with my son, which is when you’re fishing you can swear. It’s just the guys, go ahead and let loose,” Chris states. He then recalls an incident where he and his son were fishing for bass in Washington.

“He catches a fish and I’m trying to get him to take a picture with the fish before we let it go and it flops out of his hands,” Pratt said. “The fin pokes him in the hand. . .  and he starts to cry.” Then his son Jack announced to his dad that he was about to swear, proceeding to call the bass "stupid". Pratt then encouraged him to get it all out. What did he say next? "That stupid bass is a f---ing p-ssy!"

Pratt's response was that "it was a little hard not to laugh at that." 

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