Woman Flies 4,000 miles To Tell Pal "You're It"

An American woman flies 4,000 miles to the UK to tell her friend, "you're it" in an epic game of international tag. She then immediately flew home. 

The woman, Georgina Wilkinson, disguised herself as a gardener and showed up her friend, Drew McEwan's niece's christening, all the way in Loch Lomond in southern Scotland. After her flight, she tagged him and then ran away laughing all the way back to her 8 hour flight back home. Needless to say, Drew McEwan was left stunned. 

Georgina, Drew, and eight others have been playing the game since they all met in China in 2014.

In regard to the prank, Drew, 31, said: “My brother and sister had been planning it for months with Georgina behind my back. They even picked her up at the airport that morning. “I’ve never felt so betrayed by my own flesh and blood.”

He proceeded to say that he "was in shock that she’d put so much effort into it. Flying over from America and back in one day is unbelievable. She had to make sure she was home in plenty of time for work on Monday. It’s my turn to tag one of the group now. Obviously I’m not pleased with the bar Georgina’s raised for me but I must admit it was brilliantly executed."

Georgina thanked Drew's sister Angela for “allowing me to ruin a cherished family occasion. In particular Angela for offering up her daughter’s baptism in the name of fun". She added: “Sorry Drewbs, you are now... it.”

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