911 Call Of Man Clinging On Hood Of Car Released

Audio from the 911 call of the man clinging to the hood of a car going 70mph on I95 has been released.

“Stop the car now! Stop the car, you’re going fast!” said Junior Francis, as he desperately pleaded to the woman driving.

The man could be seen on the video gripping the car as he held a phone speaking with a 911 operator.

“Bruh, I think she’s going toward the 95, and I’m on top of the car! I’m scared as hell right now,” he said.

Patresha Isidore, said “That guy is crazy,” she said. “He won’t leave me alone. We broke up eight months ago.”

“He had plenty of time to get off the car. He didn’t want to stop,” she said.

Isidore was eventually arrested and brought to jail to be charged with culpable negligence.

You can't make this stuff up!

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