Hikers Drive Through Wildfire In Daring Escape

On August 12th, Glacier National Park in Montana became the site of a truly daring escape as hiker Justin Bilton and his father had to literally drive for their lives. Justin told Storyful that as he and his father drove through raging flames and falling debris, the scope of the fire increased from just five acres to over 2,000. 

Justin also recounted some of their life or death race: “After we were stopped by the downed tree, we reversed back through all of this and were rescued by two park employees on a boat. They saved our lives”.

Storyful has reached out to the park staff of Glacier National Park but they've yet to respond. 

Included here is the footage Justin and his father took. Brave doesn't even begin to describe it. You have to see this chaotic situation to believe it! And below are some other viewpoints of the insatiable fire. I think it's safe to say that Justin and his father are lucky to be alive. 

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