Axl Rose Blasts Kanye West's "Nonsense" at the White House

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose doesn't express himself often via social media, but when he does, he's usually going after the Trump Administration in some form or fashion.

Rose has been criticizing Trump via Twitter for years, and he was not about to ignore rapper/producer Kanye West's media circus visit to the White House on Thursday.

West was purportedly meeting with Jared Kushner and then President Donald Trump to discuss several issues concerning gang violence and unemployment in his hometown of Chicago, but he also stood with Trump as the President signed the Music Modernization Act into law.

The meeting took several bizarre turns when West began speaking, and Rose was brief and unforgiving in his take.

"What a joke," Rose wrote via Twitter. "Not gonna solve anything in Chicago of anywhere else with that attention seeking nonsense."


During his remarks, West said the f-word, referred to himself as "fine wine" and suggested Trump fly a hydrogen-powered plane rather than Airforce One. 

West doubled-down on his statement that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution should be abolished and also told Trump that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The rapper continued, adding that he doesn't believe the diagnosis, instead chalking up his erratic behavior to sleep deprivation that could eventually lead him to early-onset dementia. 

West accidentally revealed that his phone password is "000000" and said that he loves Hillary Clinton but loves Trump more because the President's "Make America Great Again" slogan makes him feel like Superman.

Rose added a second Tweet on the matter: "[Don't] let any of this distract from the Khashoggi killing."

A reference to the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo: Getty Images



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