Paul Castronovo Musings: When Are We Gonna Get Another Dog?

Our dog Buddy passed away almost two years ago, he was a way cool Westie, who thought he was a wolf of some kind, protecting our yard from nuisance birds, cats and iguanas. He ate pizza, tried to ruin my sex life and was my wife’s best friend and companion. He put up with me.

Buddy was supposed to live to about 13 but died prematurely at 9 of cancer, and it just ate us up.

Well it’s been a couple of years now, and our fiends keep asking the question, “when are you guys gonna get another dog?”

I have been deferring to Gina in this because while we love having a dog in the house, there’s also a type of freedom that comes along with not only being empty nesters but also dog free.

Wanna go away for a long weekend? No problem. Wanna go for an 8 hour boat ride? No problem.

So that’s what we were going with: being selfish, until we met Natty Lite, my friends Australian Terrier this weekend.

Natty met Gina and it was love at first sight. He followed her around, laid his head on her lap, and acted like a dog in a Disney film by chasing and playing around with the other dogs at the party. I know my wife, I saw the look on her face. Is she ready? Am I?

We will NOT buy from a puppy mill or breeder, so how do I find the kind of dog we want via rescue? Fingers crossed!

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