This Is The Best Food Truck In Florida

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Food trucks have a special place in people's hearts. Like most restaurants and takeout places, they can serve all kinds of cuisines and specialties to their die-hard customers. Some focus on desserts and treats, while others can offer seafood, BBQ, Asian food, and even fusions!

What makes them better is that they can travel to various areas of a city and offer convenience and cheaper prices. There are plenty of food trucks serving customers in the United States, so what's the best one in Florida?

According to Eat This, Not That!, which found the best food trucks in every state, the most popular food truck in the Sunshine State is...

Ms. Cheezious!

Serving the Miami area, this food truck is known for one thing and one thing only: their grilled cheeses. Some of their popular menu items include the Short Rib Melt, the Mackin Melt with macaroni and cheese, and the Southern Fried Chicken and Waffle Melt.

It's not all savory here, though -- you can try their S'Mores Melt or Sweet Meltdown, which is Texas toast topped with ricotta cheese and orange marmalade, served with chocolate dipping sauce.

Their food trucks can be found across the Miami area, but if you want to head to their brick-and-mortar location, drop by 7418 Biscayne Boulevard.

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