The Weirdest Florida Stories We Found In June 2022

Photo: Getty Images

June has officially ended, and summer is in full swing. This month was full of shocking surprises and head-scratching moments for the Sunshine State.

For starters, don't be surprised alligators are dominating the headlines this month. June is the last month for our scaly neighbors to start mating, meaning they were more active than usual. When they're not trying to sneak up on pan-wielding Floridians or unsuspecting targets, the gators are also attacking local wildlife, too.

Some residents witnessed strange acts of nature, from the early formation of a tornado to mysterious liquids oozing from people's graves. Then there were the not-so-natural moments, such as a woman's newly-purchased car suddenly going up into flames, or some teenagers managing to host a wild party in a multimillion-dollar home.

Those weird stories and more are available below:

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