Florida Couple Pays For $24,000 Car Twice In Wire Transfer Mishap

Oh my God, this bill is huge!

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What was supposed to be a smooth car purchase became a financial nightmare for a Florida couple.

Steve Haynes and his wife went to WFLA's Shannon Behnken after wiring their $24,000 payment for a Range Rover to the seller's bank account. It turns out that it went to an account that didn't accept wire transfers -- something the couple only learned 10 days later, according to reporters.

The couple opted to pay for the vehicle again, thinking they would get their original payment back quickly. Over six weeks later, nothing allegedly came back.

Now, Haynes is claiming Chase Bank is being difficult with them. The company reportedly kept telling him the issue is under investigation, and they could only share details with the seller.

“They won’t talk to me because I’m not a banking customer and they won’t return none of my phone calls either,” he told WFLA. “I went to the bank in person actually to try talk to them in person and they won’t talk to me either, told me get out of their bank. Very rude.”

After Behnken reached out to Chase, a spokesperson confirmed the payment went to an account that doesn't accept wire transfers, and Haynes will get his money back.

"It’s ironic that once you took the case up they all of a sudden found $24,000," he says, adding that he's thankful for the situation getting resolved.

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