Woman Sues Her Ex For Being A Jerk

Photo: AFP / AFP / Getty Images

A woman attempted to sue her boyfriend of over six years.

The man is question was being sued for not taking her to the airport for a flight she ended up missing. The New Zealand woman testified that she had entered into a “verbal contract” with her boyfriend, to take her to the airport and look after her dogs, while she goes to a concert overseas. When, her boyfriend refused, it is assumed that the two broke up and she took him to court, complaining that she incurred costs from adding another day to the trip, organizing a shuttle to the airport, putting her dogs in a kennel, and also paying for ferry tickets for her and her boyfriend to go on a holiday to visit her sons.

The claim, unfortunately was dismissed, as in order for an agreement to be enforceable, there needed to be an intention to create a “legally binding relationship.”

“Partners, friends and colleagues make social arrangements, but it is unlikely they can be legally enforced unless the parties perform some act that demonstrates an intention that they will be bound by their promises,” the referee wrote. “When friends fail to keep their promises, the other person may suffer a financial consequence but it may be that they cannot be compensated for that loss."

Guess you can't sue a guy for being a jerk these days.

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